National Adidas Jr Phenom Camp

2009 Adidas National Jr Phenom Camp – San Diego CA

August 2009, Alliant International University in San Diego, CA – Sights and sounds from the National Adidas Jr. Phenom camp this week. Adidas National Jr. Phenom Camp is the top youth exposure camp in the country for highly competitive players in the 6th, 7th, and 8th grades. It is a national “invitation only” camp held in San Diego, California every August for the “Top 100” players in the country from each grade. The big story according to national ranking guru Clark Francis was the incredible, balance, competitiveness, and depth of talent at this year’s Junior Phenom Camp Mr. Francis wrote  this was the hardest camp to evaluate in the 26 years that he has been attending superstar oriented camps dating back to the AFBE (Athletes For Better Education) Camp in 1983.   At the top of the list according to Mr. Francis was 5’7 7th Grader Perry Dozier from Columbia, SC, who reinforced the fact that he is the best player nationally in his class. Mr. Francis reports the , the 6th Grade Division was the best age group with an outstanding list of players. Several  top 10 players demonstrated outstanding all around performance on both ends of the floor, team play and leadership and received the 2009 Sportsman Award; Stephen Rocklin, Daniel Hyun, and Kihei Clark. The 2009 All-Defensive Team  included several top 10 players Eric Cussimonio, Jordan Tucker,  Trevon Bradford,  Kendall Barnes, Daniel Venzant, and Thomas Jackson.


Top ten players ranked nationally at each position:


2. Matthew Blaney 5’1 2016 2G San Luis Obispo, CA 3 Ball Academy
3. Ricky Nelson 5’2 2017 2G Houston, TX Houston Elite
4. Eric Cussimonio 4’11 2016 2G Lancaster, CA A.V.A. C. Hoyas
5. Justin Solon 4’10 2016 2G Vallejo, CA MVP Flight Elite
6. Daniel Hyun 4’9 2016 2G Santa Barbara, CA 805
7. Trevon Bradford 5’0 2016 2G Clackamas, OR N/A
8. Clarke Cooper 4’11 2016 2G Houston, TX Starting Five Evolution
9. Stephen Rocklin 4’11 2016 2G Studio City, CA GYGR
10. Ikem Okeke 5’0 2016 2G Reno, NV Jam On It


1. Michael Pelaiz 4’11 2016 PG San Diego, CA San Diego Rebels
2. Marcellis Harrison 5’0 2016 PG Portland, OR Showtime Athletics
3. Javan McBride 4’8 2016 PG Charlotte, NC N/A
4. Christopher Hawkins 4’7 2017 PG Henderson, NV Vegas Elite
5. Isaac Etter 5’2 2016 PG Los Angeles, CA NOC Stars
6. Darion Acohido 4’8 2016 PG Las Vegas, NV Tarkanian Sharks
7. Kenneth Arrick 4’10 2016 PG Scottsdale, AZ Flight 23
8. Christopher Jones 4’7 2016 PG East Hartford, CT Connecticut Rough Riders
9. Daniel Venzant 4’9 2016 PG Midland, TX Team Midland
10. Kihei Clark 4’6 2017 PG Reseda, CA Southern Cal All-Stars


1. Jamir Harris 5’6 2016 WF Piscataway, NJ Battlebasketball Travel
2. Nicholas Williams 5’0 2016 WF Wichita, KS Jr. SaltHawks
3. Tyler Jones 5’0 2016 WF Lawrenceville, NJ Central Jersey Future Stars
4. Kendall Barnes 5’2 2016 WF Peoria, AZ Arizona Premier
5. Justin Holiday 5’1 2016 WF Marietta, GA Fastbreak AAU
6. Kaleb Wilson 5’0 2016 WF McAlester, OK Oklahoma Ballers
7. Eric Monroe 5’2 2016 WF Del Mar, CA Team San Diego
8. Michael Feinberg 5’2 2016 WF Rancho Sante Fe, CA ARC
9. Blake Bell 5’0 2016 WF Las Vegas, NV Vegas Elite Blue
10. Ellis Jefferson 5’0 2016 WF San Antonio, TX Texas Bulls


1. Joshua Holliday 5’1 2015 PF Marietta, GA Fastbreak AAU
2. Brock Brunkhorst 5’3 2016 PF Scottsdale , AZ Arizona Premier
3. Mitchell Fink 5’2 2016 PF Clackamas, OR I-5 Elite
4. Tony Goodwin 5’6 2016 PF Scottsdale, AZ Flight 23
5. Devin Asiasi 5’6 2016 PF Redwood City, CA Payes Place
6. Teddy Bowers 5’4 2016 PF Huntington Beach, CA Home Court Edge
7. Trevon Allen 5’2 2016 PF Lapwai, ID Eagles/Sun Devils
8. Ke’Jhan Feagin 5’1 2016 PF Carson, CA Home Court Edge
9. Thomas Jackson 5’0 2016 PF Bloomfield, CT Bloomfield Travel/Ct. R.R.
10. Lonell Lenox 5’6 2016 PF Hot Springs, AR Texas Elite


1. Jeremy Hemsley 5’8 2016 C Alta Loma, CA So Cal All-Stars
2. Sebastian Baugh 5’9 2016 C Pelta, IA All Iowa Attack
3. Kameron Edwards 5’7 2016 C Hacienda Heights, CA IEBP
4. Nijal Pearson 5’5 2016 C Beaumont, TX Gulf Coast Blue Chips
5. Zachary Collins 5’9 2016 C Las Vegas, NV Vegas Elite
6. Tyus Battle 5’7 2016 C Edison, NJ Battlebasketball Travel
7. Andrew Weber 5’8 2016 C Fruitland, ID Fruitland Heat
8. Zennon Cano 5’4 2016 C San Luis Obispo, CA 3 Ball Academy
9. Peyton Wejnert 5’4 2016 C Ramsey, NJ New Jersey Monarchs
10. Jordan Tucker 5’5 2016 C White Plains, NY Riverside Hawks


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